Welcome to the Central Florida Rifle & Pistol Club!  Located in southeast Orange County near Moss Park and Lake Nona, our facilities include 25 and 50 meter pistol ranges; 100 and 300 meter rifle ranges; shotgun and archery ranges; and 10 action range bays.  The 300 meter range has target pits with risers.  Use the links in the main menu to learn more About CFRPC.

Visiting the Range

General range use is for members and their guests only.  For membership information, click here.

Visitors are welcome during open functions such as scheduled classes, competitions and events.  If you plan to visit the range, please familiarize yourself with the Club Policies and Range Rules.

All visitors to the range must complete a Release Form.  For your convenience, you may complete and print the form to bring with you.  Please make sure the form is signed and dated on the day of your visit.

Any minors coming to the range must have a Minor Release and Parental Consent Form signed by their parent or legal guardian.  It cannot be signed by an uncle or cousin or other adult friend of the family; it must be signed by the minor's parent or legal guardian.  For convenience, the Minor Release and Parental Consent Form may be completed and printed for the minor to bring with to the Club, SO LONG AS IT IS PRINTED ON TWO SIDES OF THE SAME PIECE OF PAPER.  Please make sure the form is signed and dated on the day of the minor's visit.

The Range is OPEN!

Many, many thanks are extended to Butch Starnes and his crew, who made repairs to the road and otherwise made it possible to re-open. Some pictures of the repaired road are below.

Thank you all for your patience during this brief closure! Some areas of the range have dried out fairly well, and are now useable. Some areas were severely damaged while they were wet, and remain damaged. Some areas are still wet.

We have to continue to protect the damaged and wet areas, but we can use the dried and undamaged areas. We have taped off the parts we do not think can be used yet. When you arrive at the range you will immediately see areas we have cordoned off. You are welcome to walk into those areas, but PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ANY VEHICLE INTO ANY AREA WE HAVE TAPED. You may notice some gaps in the tape; those have been left to allow easy access for foot traffic. They are not there to allow you to drive into the taped-off area. The fact that you may be able to squeeze your vehicle through a gap does not mean you are allowed to do so.

The ranges have mostly dried fairly well, and you can shoot on all of the ranges for which you are qualified.  The ban on vehicles on any range that was in place before we closed down is still in effect.



In case you haven't noticed, it is the rainy season again here in Florida.  The ranges are saturated due to the daily afternoon rain storms.

Accordingly, until further notice, by the authority of the Range Officer, driving a vehicle onto any range or any LAR bay is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

It is still permissible to use the road on the 300m range, as long as the vehicle stays on the road at all times.  It is also permissible for a match director or his designee to drive a club owned mule onto a range or LAR bay to set up for a match or tear down after a match.

(Please see Rules 2.1.12 and 2.7.9; and Bylaws Article 8, Paragraph G)

Volunteers Needed Page

The Volunteer Work Parties tab of the Club Website has been renamed Volunteers Needed.  At this tab, there are two sections.  The first section is new and is named Volunteer Projects.  Unlike the Volunteer Work Parties where you can just show up if you have the time, the Volunteer Projects are not on a set schedule.  If you would like to help with any of the projects listed, please contact the project coordinator BEFORE you start doing any work.  Also, if you complete a project, please contact the project coordinator so that the project can be removed from the list.

The second section is the Upcoming Volunteer Work Parties.  If you are available to help, simply show up at the date, time and place indicated.

Work Hours will be given for all volunteer work by Club Members.  However, volunteer opportunities are available to Club Members and Non-members alike, unless specified otherwise.  We look forward to working with you on the upcoming projects!

Summer Archery Match

CFRPC Archery discipline will be hosting a "600" league during daylight savings time. The match is a modified form of 900. It will consist of 12 "ends" of 5 arrows each, for a total of 60 arrows shot. 20 arrows will be shot at each of 3 distances depending upon the class of the shooter. 

The classes are:

Open Class--compound bows with adjustable single pin sights, multiple stabilizers, or a single stabilizer over 12"

Hunter Class: compound bows with fixed sights and a single stabilizer 12" or shorter.

Novice/Youth Class: Shooters with less than one year of experience shooting a compound bow, or any shooter 17 years of age or younger.

The distances are:

Open Class: 60, 50, and 40 yards (4 ends, 20 arrows each distance)

Hunter Class: 50, 40, and 30 yards (4 ends, 20 arrows each distance)

Novice Class: 40, 30 and 20 yards (4 ends, 20 arrows each distance)

Scoring will be cumulative for the duration of the league. One winner for each class will be announced at the final match on October 8th, 2014.

Match fees are $5 per match for CFRPC members, $10 for non-members. Proceeds will go to offset the cost of new targets for the archery discipline. 

Initially, matches will start at 5:00 PM each Wednesday. Start times may be adjusted according to a consensus of participants. 

For more information contact CFRPC Executive Officer Neil Saville



Lost & Found

We have recovered several items of lost property.  If you lost an item at the range, please e-mail Mick Langfield, or if you cannot reach him by e-mail, call him at 407-737-3678.