Welcome to the Central Florida Rifle & Pistol Club!  Located in southeast Orange County near Moss Park and Lake Nona, our facilities include 25 and 50 meter pistol ranges; 100 and 300 meter rifle ranges; shotgun and archery ranges; and 10 action range bays.  The 300 meter range has target pits with risers.  Use the links in the main menu to learn more About CFRPC.

Visiting the Range

General range use is for members and their guests only.  For membership information, click here.

Visitors are welcome during open functions such as scheduled classes, competitions and events.  If you plan to visit the range, please familiarize yourself with the Club Policies and Range Rules.

All visitors to the range must complete a Release Form.  For your convenience, you may complete and print the form to bring with you.  Please make sure the form is signed and dated on the day of your visit.

Any minors coming to the range must have a Minor Release and Parental Consent Form signed by their parent or legal guardian.  It cannot be signed by an uncle or cousin or other adult friend of the family; it must be signed by the minor's parent or legal guardian.  For convenience, the Minor Release and Parental Consent Form may be completed and printed for the minor to bring with to the Club, SO LONG AS IT IS PRINTED ON TWO SIDES OF THE SAME PIECE OF PAPER.  Please make sure the form is signed and dated on the day of the minor's visit.

New Pistol-Only Ranges OPEN!

The two new ranges that were constructed to the east of the Club House are now open.  This event has been delayed for too long by the reluctance of the grass to establish itself properly.  The Executive Committee has decided we cannot wait any longer, and the grass that is there will have to be sufficient.

These ranges will be named the “Pistol‑Only Ranges”.

The Executive Committee has passed a resolution on rules to cover those ranges, as follows:

  • A new Rule 2.6 is inserted (causing all following rules within Section 2 to be renumbered):

2.6        Pistol-Only Ranges

2.6.1     The Pistol‑Only Ranges are established on the property east of the Club House, firing east.

2.6.2     The firing points for these ranges are on the concrete pad, behind the red line painted to permit shooting benches to be placed in front of the shooters.  Shooters may establish a temporary firing line forward of the permanent firing line (separately for each range), but must move back to the permanent firing line if any other shooter wishes to use the range from the permanent firing line.  Shooters may not establish a firing line behind the permanent firing line.

2.6.3     Paper targets are the only permitted targets for use on these ranges.  Bottles, cans, and other "garbage" targets may not be used on this range.  Steel targets may not be used on these ranges.

2.6.4     This range is exclusively intended for pistol (handgun) shooting.  Pistols chambered for typical rifle calibers (for example, .223 Remington, .308 Winchester, etc.) may not be used.

2.6.5     Drawing from a holster while on the concrete pad is strictly prohibited.

  • A new bullet point has been added to the end of Rule 5.3.5 to cover qualification for the Pistol‑Only Ranges:

Qualification for the 25 Meter Range with a pistol is the qualification to be able to shoot on the Pistol‑Only Ranges. 


Registration for the Club Picnic is now OPEN!  Please log in to the website using your user name and password.  There is an article in the Members Only News section with information about registration.

Also, information has been posted in the Members Only News section about the 6th Annual Club Relay Match.  Space is very limited this year, so don't wait to get your team registration form!

CFRPC SPP Junior Team Places at Nationals!

SPP Team 2015 Nationals

About 2 years ago, a group of juniors became organized at our Club to participate in a new youth shooting sport program, the Scholastic Pistol Program. The program is organized by the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation. The SPP is basically a team based Steel Challenge competition, where teams of 4 shoot 4 courses of fire, and their scores are aggratated together for a total team score.

Less than 2 years ago, CFRPC officially sponsored this group of junior shooters and created the Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club SPP Team.

This week, the CFRPC SPP Team sent two full squads of junior shooters to the 2015 SPP National Championships in Sparta, Illinois. This was the first appearance by any CFRPC SPP Team squad at the Nationals.

There were more than 40 SPP Junior Rimfire squads entered in the Nationals. We are very proud to announce that CFRPC SPP Team Blue (Dylan Johnson, Kylee Miner, Reed Carter & Zach Bolette) placed 3rd and CFRPC SPP Team Orange (Mitchell Henderson, Jackson Vasey, Zach Briggs & Kevin Rice) placed 5th at the Nationals! Also, Kylee Miner was the 2nd Highest Female shooter in the Junior Rimfire division out of a field of 62 girls. On the boys' side, out of 120 shooters, Dylan Johnson placed 6th, Reed Carter placed 12th, Zach Briggs placed 16th, Zach Bolotte placed 20th, Jackson Vasey placed 21st, Kevin Rice placed 23rd, Mitchell Henderson placed 24th, and Dylan Boyles (our alternate) placed 39th.

Congratulations to the shooters, and congratulations to their coaches, Dave Cloutier, Nason Miner, Morgan Goring and Bryan Barrett!!

Property Under Video Surveillance


Due to recent vandalism and theft, the premises of the Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club are now protected by 24 hour surveillance.

Lost & Found

We have recovered several items of lost property.  If you lost an item at the range, please e-mail Mick Langfield, or if you cannot reach him by e-mail, call him at 407-737-3678.